On my other Liberty.me blog, I write only about voluntary law.  Here, I will collect articles from my other blogs or writings that might find an audience here.  I am a dilettante who writes eclectically.  If you follow this blog you might find that some articles do not interest you at all.  Just be forewarned that this creek meanders, and carries all sorts of flotsam and jetsam.  In fact, perhaps it should be named “Flotsam and Jetsam” instead of “Saints and Sinners.”

I still prefer the name “Saints and Sinners,” though.  For one, I enjoy writing about metaphysical and religious topics sometimes.  Although I do not reject reason or science, the Abrahamic faiths resonate with me, particularly more tolerant forms of Christianity.  I am a believer, not a doubter; it’s the way I am wired.  That is the perspective from which I write, and synthesize with reason and science.  So “Saints and Sinners” hints at that spiritual-religious impulse to be expressed here.  If you find such topics distasteful, you are forewarned.

I also write about political topics.  For me, politics is at root about morality, not about personal power.  The moral questions in life are the most difficult and interesting ones.  If saints and sinners exist, telling them apart is not as easy as some might believe.  It is often those who are too quick to judge who deserve to be slain by their own sword.  So Saint and Sinners seems a fit enough title for my political writings too.

Finally, if Saints and Sinners may be thought of as designating the full spectrum of humanity spread over the moral universe, the title merely indicates breadth.  If I blog long enough, there will not be a form of writing you will not discover here.  Nor is there any subject that I will not dare write about.  In the parade of posts you may find some that appeal to you — the Saints — and some that repulse you — the Sinners.

There are many excellent writers on Liberty.me, whom I enjoy reading and desire to emulate.  It’s great fun to have my blog included among theirs.  Above all I appreciate and respect my readers.  It is your attention that motivates me to hone my craft.  To make my writing more than scribbling in a diary.  To give you some verbal gift that is worth remembering.  I may often fail to achieve the excellence I aspire to, just as I often fail to fulfill the morality that I believe in.  Undoubtedly I am a sinner, and beg your forgiveness.